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I found an suspicous instant message and think my husband is cheating

For the past few months, my husband has become very close to a female coworker. He said that she was going through a lot of issues at home and at work and she needed someone to talk to. He has had female friends before we met, so it didn't bother me too much in the beginning. But the time they spent on the phone after work lengthened, and although he would tell me what they spoke of, I still had some issues with how close I felt they were becoming. Well, earlier this week, while looking in his phone with him sitting next to me, I looked into his instant messages without him knowing. I found an email to her from him saying "The house is clear. I'm ready and waiting." I guess my reaction wasn't the greatest, and the excuse he gav...more

I Urgently Need Ur Advice On My Husband And His Ex-girlfriend

recently i just discovered that my husband still communicate with his ex girlfriend to the extend that the girl tells my husband any misunderstanding she has with her husband to be. they talk on phone almost everyday. i called my husband and told him that it was not healthy to maintain a close relationship with one's ex esp with wat transpired between them but he said dat nothin can happen between them. and there is nothing wrong with being close to one's ex. i am worried. i ve given my husband one month ultimatum to distance himself from his ex or i call the girl and tell her to distance her self from my husband. please i need ur advice. thanks.

I Caught My Husband Perusing The Casual Encounters Ads On Craigslist

The other day I got home and “caught” my husband perusing the casual encounters ads on Craigslist. He’s done this in the past and tells me he does it when he feels rejected by me sexually. We have sex three to four times a week. He told me he hasn’t contacted anybody. Since he’s not big on computer porn or videos (we do have couples porn and occasionally watch), I guess I just want to know if I should be worried. Truth be told, when we were going through a hard time a few years ago, I did catch him actually writing an email to someone on Craigslist. I want to believe him now that he’s not contacting anybody — his body language and everything seems to indicate so. Plus, his actions speak very loudly — he’s always home on time, etc. After talking about it, he said he needed friends for when I got pissed off (he’s not very sociable). Should I be worried or just let this go as curiosity/arousal/etc.? — Craigslist Caution

— Craigslist Caution

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